Vini Production YouTube channel called Vini Productions produces humorous video content

Vini Production

A YouTube channel called Vini Productions produces humorous video content. The Vini Productions website 4 Friends (Ishan, Nisal, Ishara, and viraj) was established it in 2014. Vini Productions has gone a long way since its humble beginnings in Parakramapura, a town on the frontier of Sri Lanka’s Northern and North Central Provinces. They created the name of their production, “VINI,” using the initial letters of their four names. At this point, their crew numbers over 15 people and they already have more than 75 YouTube videos on their channel.

Vini Production YouTube channel

Net Worth$726,000
CountrySri Lanka
Average Comments18.8 K
Created Date21st December 2014
Subscribers2.2 Million
Views273.6 Million

Vini Production Career

It is a Sri Lanka based youtube channel launched by a group of 15 friends just for fun. They named that channel Vini Production and is also known as RP Vini Film. Their genre is comedy, action, horror and adventure. Its associated acts are Shammi Fernando and

Vini Production Net Worth

The channel was created on 21st December 2014. It has 2.2 million subscribers, 273.6 million views and the channel gets approximately 18.8K comments in each video. The channel also received gold play button from youtube authority.

Vini Production

Showing 15 most recent entries according to the statistics listed in the table below, the number of followers has fluctuated during the previous several days:

Date  SubscribersViewsVideos
Total Summary+80,000+13,649,623+1

Vini Production Instagram

Their Instagram channel has 20 posts, 9804 followers and 2606 followers on their Instagram page.

Vini Production

YouTube top videos

 The top most popular Vini Productions videos on YouTube right now.

  1. ගල්කොරියේ ඩයිනමයිට් | Galkoriye Dynamite | Vini Productions
  2. කොන්ක්‍රීට් වැඩපොල | Concrete Work Site | Vini Productions – විනී
  3. Knight Rider | නයිට් රයිඩර් | Vini Productions
  4. තැප්‍රෝබේන් | Thaprobane | Vini Productions
  5. මැයි 09 | May 09 | Vini Productions


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